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Why hello there!

Welcome to Garden of Gnomes, a perfectly serious Sims 2 journal dedicated to providing only the finest in custom content for your Sims game. This community is maintained by [personal profile] islandkitty and [personal profile] mastersir, also known as islandkitty and Master Sir on Garden of Shadows. The community is closed to new members, because this is basically just a dropping site for our own items and projects.

Our stuff is primarily made out of EAxis's stuff, other people's stuff (credited where applicable), and our own work. Of course, none of this would be possible without the innovations of others: custom content, tutorials, SimPE, and the CEP.

DO upload our stuff with your houses and sims. DO tear it apart and use it for your own projects. DO credit us, if you like, and credit the other folks whose stuff we use. DO comment, message us, and make friends with us. We are friendly!

DON'T re-upload and distribute as your own work. DON'T upload to paysites of any kind. DON'T use our pictures for your own stuff. DON'T be a jerk, basically!